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Cloaking device, 2018

Single channel video 02:55, felt, dimensions variable

Cloaking device is an iteration in an ongoing series that explores the complexity of dual identity. These artworks consider the body as a repository of meaning, a physical reality forever in the present, remembering and continually in the process of being formed and re-formed; the body as an instrument that writes its own personal narrative.

This work uses images, reworked and reiterated across a range of media to both obscure and open out the possibilities of representation. Calligraphic silhouettes are derived from physical movements made while encased in outsize wearables 

and installed extending from the wall down onto the floor. The video echoes the forms in endless circular motion without ever repeating them exactly.


Installation view in Description of Absence at Art Space IAa, Jeju City, South Korea, July 2018

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