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On-site (Invisibility Cloak) Making 

2023 - ongoing

A durational making event. 

A new cloak is made over the course of a day, adjacent to Invisibility Cloaks in an exhibition setting. The process involves pattern cutting, machine and hand-sewing, and the opportunity for conversation with visitors beyond the conventions of the artist talk and Q&A.

Documentation from the on-site making event,

26 July 2023, RMIT Gallery, Naarm | Melbourne, Australia. 


Invisibility Cloaks, 2021- ongoing



How to be (un)seen

- Select a reversible invisibility cloak (both sides are (in)visible)

- For high (in)visibility, choose a cloak that reaches the ground

- For very high (in)visibility, keep the hood up

- For maximum (in)visibility, blend imperceptibly into your surroundings

-Move any way you like, no one can see you now



Inert until activated by wearing, visitors are invited to try on cloaks and be playful. Each reversible metallic cloak is unique, and both garish and oversized, yet the shapelessness of the draping and the oversized hoods hide multiple visible signifiers, from presumptive race to age and gender. When such markers are unable to be used for discriminatory means, who might we become? 

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