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Unsettled Timeline, 2022

Lecture performance script, texts, photocopies, found photographs, acrylic transfer print on metallic lamé fabric, tape, gold string, clip

This wasn't originally intended as an artwork per se, but a selection of thoughts and images (found photographs, test prints on metallic fabric, photocopies of artworks, documentation, archival documents, explanatory/information texts) laid out in rows, plus the script of my lecture performance The Invisible Child Grows Up. This exhibition invited the artist/researchers involved to share their practices, their situated relationship to their research and to each other. 

The black tape lines evolved through the installation. All the participants initially interacted in a virtual mind map, and the physical iteration became linked through common concepts with the tape both delineating individual artist sections and crisscrossing the space to connect them.

In the process of finding pathways through thinking/research/making practices and making it visually accessible, perhaps it has become an artwork after all.

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