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Enrobed #5, 2019

Ink on 300 gms paper

79 x 78 cm

Enrobed #5 is an iteration in an ongoing series that explores the complexity of dual identity. The image emerges reworked and reiterated from a range of media to both obscure and open out the possibilities of representation. The silhouette’s origins are in physical movements made while encased in outsize wearables and videoed. The multiple ink drawings, separated and joined across a layered grid, are derived from a video still of a woman engulfed in the oversized 'garment' loosely constructed of heavy fabric. This wearable is so heavy that only by constantly moving can she keep it from dragging her down. The movement she chooses is scribing bodily circles, raising her arms and spinning, which creates calligraphic shapes as her body writes its movement in space. Although the origins of the final drawn shape are invisible, it still holds within it and its layers all the previously echoed versions of itself.

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