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The Invisible Child Grows Up, 2021

Lecture performance with wearables, texts and found photographs

This lecture performance uses a tangled, multivocal combination of archival historical records, fictive responses, speculative texts, autoethnographic and interviewee accounts of lived mixed race experience in Hong Kong and the UK, as well as found photographs and wearables. It unsettles the origins and ongoing attitudes towards Chinese and white mixed race identity in Hong Kong, from stigma to fetishization, and how assumptions along that continuum are shaped by discredited but still prevalent racial hierarchical norms. In the bodily lived experience of mixed race, binary oppositions make no sense, there can be no fault line of ‘them’ and ‘us’ within the body. Not half but both.

InvisibleChild.01JPG copy.JPG
InvisibleChild03 copy.jpg

Documentation: 13 June 2021 in System Dreams, SCM, HK; 14 Nov 2021 in Fault Lines at Present Projects, HK  

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